Saltsburg Stone House Museum 

Displays in the original parlor of the stone house

Displays in the original kitchen of the  stone house

Model of the canal lock no. 8 which was located in Saltsburg, 1828 -1863

Rolltop desk used by the editor of the Saltsburg Press

Barber shop chair and display

Displays  about the Saltsburg Glass Works and military uniforms and soldier photos from World War  II

Shoemaker work bench and shoe forms

Assortment of coal mining safety equipment and a model of a coal tipple

Civil War display case.

Other informative exhibits showcase early medical equipment and doctors, along with a peanut roaster and many additional  Saltsburg related items

Story of Samuel Kier, Saltsburg area resident,  and his role in the development of kerosene.  

Wooden sleigh made in Saltsburg in the late 1800's

Tool shed located in the Museum's backyard for the display of antique hand tools and farming implements

Photo showing a variety of tools

Unique display of early axes from the 17th and 18th centuries

Attractive herb garden at side and rear of the museum, designed, planted and maintained by the Saltsburg Herb Society